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Ambassador Eugene Invited to Attend the International Youth League Conference to Share the Current Situation and Trends Concerning Climate Change Date:2018-12-27
 Ambassador Eugene Chien gives a speech on current trends and status of climate change.

The Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Ambassador Eugene Chien, attended the annual conference held at the International Cosmos Hotel on December 23. There he spoke to almost 140 attendees on the most recent trends and status of climate change.

In his speech, Ambassador Chien mentioned that 195 nations singed the Paris Agreement back in 2015 and pledged to work together to keep temperatures from rising 2 degrees Celsius relative to pre-industrial levels but trying to keep the increase from reaching 1.5 degrees. However, recent events like the wildfires near San Francisco and phenomena like the icing of the Niagara Falls show the severity of climate change and how it surpasses previous scientific assessments.  Governments around the world have set policies in place to offset and reduce the impacts and proliferation of climate change. Norway, for example announced in 2016 that by 2025 electric vehicles will replace gasoline and diesel vehicles. The United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Austria and others have already banned the use of thermal power plants. Coal producing countries like China and Poland are unable to keep up with new sustainable trends. Even developed countries like France have seen backlash to policies aimed towards sustainable development in the form of the yellow vests protest. Although countries have been hindered in formulating appropriate policies, reform is imperative thus it is necessary that everyone works together in order to create opportunities and see results.

Ambassador Chien mentioned Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations however; the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2050 has been set. The formulation and implementation of this policy will play a crucial role in the success or failure of Taiwan in the field of sustainable development. Regulations on construction and transportation need amendment in order to accelerate Taiwan’s transition.  In Germany for example, public housing buildings are adapted with thick roofs to reduce heat dissipation, the installation of solar panels and large glass windows serve to reduce carbon emissions. As for transportation, the use of hydrogen or electric vehicles must replace diesel and gasoline. Big data can enhance and foster self-driving cars that are able to calculate the most effective routes. In addition to saving fuel, safety is improved greatly. Both Companies and people must work together and hold sustainability as a new life revolution in hopes of meeting the UN’s carbon reduction targets and building a sustainable society. 

Nearly 140 members of the International Youth League attended the conference


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