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「TAISE, CCS and EY set up a Training Class to Strengthen the Cultivation of Sustainable Talents」 Date:2018-12-27
  Participants and the instructors after the meeting

The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) in cooperation with the Center for Corporate Sustainability (CSS) together with Ernst & Young United Accounting Firm set up the “Corporate Perseverance Elite Training Course” on December 26. For the first class of 2019, more than 40 companies have participated and passed the evaluation of the course as well as completing practical exercises and strengthening basic CSR knowledge. The main objective of the course is to strengthen the cultivation of sustainable talents for enterprises. 
In his speech, Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, pointed out that a company’s investment in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are now the operating trends of major industries both at home and abroad. The course focuses on encouragement and experience. Corporate colleagues should continue to learn relevant knowledge as this promotes both the sustainable development of Taiwan and the sustainable competiveness of corporations. In his welcoming speech, Zhang Zhi-ming of Ernst &Young stated that the company’s non-financial performance in the CSR report serves as a reference indicator for investors.  CSR reports certified by third parties are more effective in increasing the trust of stakeholders. He also wished students a successful completion of the course.

Chen Yaode, a senior consultant in sustainable development of Tunghai University personally analyzed the CSR report drafting process and served as an advisor in the course. He explained how to formulate management policies and non-financial information disclosure projects among others. They used analysis of both domestic and foreign CSR report examples to explore industry trends and writing quality.

Ambassador Eugene Chien (center), Zhang Zhiming (Second from the right), Professor Li Yuming (Second from the left), Chen Yaode Senior Consultant (Right), and Deputy Secretary General Jackie Wang (Left).

Professor Li Yuming, distinguished professor and Director of the Institute of Natural Resources and Environmental management of the University of Taipei analyzed the three aspects with the students: integrity, credibility, and communication. They proceeded to analyze the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA). Professor Li mentioned the 2018 TCSA had a total of 343 volunteer judges all coming from diverse fields who joined the selection process. Furthermore, he encouraged the participants to engage as judges in next year’s competition.

In this practical training course, participants will discuss the analysis process as well as point scoring for different categories of reports. This occurs in large groups to prevent bias in the results. Through this course, participants can learn about CSR reporting through firsthand experiences. Vice President of the Taiwan Research Institue, Gu Yang, Professor Su Xiongyi from the department of business administration of Tunghai University, and Jackie Wang, Deputy Secretary General of the Center for Corporate Sustainability participated in instructing the students.

40 companies attended the first class of the 2019 Corporate Perseverance Training Course.


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