2019 Climate Chagne Painting Competition

  • 2019 年 02 月 28 日
  • 2019/02/28-2019/04/20
  • Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
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Theme: Let's Go! Energy Detective

Register website: (Will open on February  28)

Enrollment & Submission Date: February 28 –April 20

Open to: 10-16 years old

Entry submission deadline: before 6pm on Friday, April 20, the painting entries must be sent to the Foundation

Method of submission: after completing the online registration, submit the “Registration Form” by cutting it out or handwriting on the back left bottom corner of the entry submission, and send to the Foundation

Painting specifications: all submissions must be uniformly made on standard painting paper (38 x 27cm) [approximately B4], but no cut-out or three dimensional submissions are accepted

Submissions to be sent to: Climate Change Painting Competition Working Group
             (5F., No.35, Ln. 11, Guangfu N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Competition Stages: County and City Competition Stages, International Contest Stage, and Finals Round

This year’s Painting Competition will include the UN Sustainable Development Goal #17: Climate Action, with the theme of “Let’s GO! Energy Detective”, to guide students to concrete realization of the more abstract conceptions of climate change, and to encourage the students to share their own concern and aspirations for the Earth by practical efforts for climate action through painting creativity, as a means of contributing sustainable positivity to the environment which raised and nurtured the students.


Theme Ideas

  • Energy saving and carbon reduction start from me

Do you know what is climate change? Climate change refers to changes in the natural environment, such as severe temperature differences, melting glaciers, melting of permafrost, death of coral reefs, rising sea levels, changes in ecosystems, increased frequency of floods and droughts, and these dramatic changes usually result from human behavior. In daily life, energy is used in many places, such as electricity, transportation, etc. When we use energy, we also increase carbon emissions, which is the murderer of climate change! We can do our part to protect the planet by reducing energy use, low-carbon life, and protecting the environment. Think about what you can do together, and save a low-carbon life!

  • I want a better future

Most of our current energy comes from burning coal and oil, but we must know that from mining to carbon emissions, it will cause a lot of pollution! In addition to making the air worse and worse, our health is affected, and it also exacerbates climate change. However, do you know that some cleaner energy is now developing? Like solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, etc. If these energy sources are popularized in the future, it will greatly reduce carbon emissions and bring us a better environment!

Judging scoring standard:   




Theme contents


The painting theme and structure must include climate action efforts, energy efficiency and carbon reduction, climate change, sustainable energy and environmental protection related issues.

Creativity and Innovation


The imagination and creativity of the work’s construct, and its ability to aptly express one’s ideas about the Competition themes. The painting must be an original work of the painter, with no hint of copying, plagiarizing, or similarity to other works.

Painting Quality


Painting technique, lines, colors and the overall aesthetic appearance.



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