2020 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro Movie Festival

  • 2020 年 01 月 10 日
  • Registration deadline : 2019-10-18
  • Event is over


With the advancement of sustainable development trends worldwide, the concept of corporate sustainability progress continuously.

The focus has transformed from the traditional Triple Bottom Line of corporate social responsibility: environment, social, and corporate governance, towards the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The micro-movies festival is held to broaden public understanding about sustainability through innovative visualization display of works in achieving SDGs in micro-movies.

This Festival aims to deploy the soft power of Micro-Movies to provide a dynamic visualization of corporate efforts toward and successes in attaining sustainable development objectives or their stories, using the medium of transmission of new media to allow more people to see how corporations are taking social sustainability actions, thereby spreading sustainability awareness among the public.

To recognize and encourage all the participants for their expert professionalism and the production team’s creativity and innovative expressions, the Festival is named for the “Golden Eagle”, which is a Chinese homophone signifying “Expert Craftsmanship”.




Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability



Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy


Registration Open: August 01, 2019
Registration Close: October 18, 2019
Submission Deadline: November 1, 2019
Announcement of Nomination: December, 2019 (tentative)
Award Ceremony: January 10, 2020



Global governments, companies, corporations, NPOs (non profit organizations), and other entities, referred to hereafter as entities/participants/participating entities.


Film themes

The Competition themes encompass all of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, as evinced by corporate endeavors for SDG actions, without restriction as to topics, contents, or method of expression. (though narrative story or description, documentary, or drama are optimal means of presentation)

Entry specifications

●Length of work:The micro movie shall be between 2 and 8 minutes in length.

●Work names:Please name the work with your “Film Name (Chinese and English)/ Participant Name”。

●Work description:Please provide 130 words or less description of the Micro-Movie.

●Micro-Movie format:The Micro-Movie must be filmed after January 1, 2018, and there is no limit on the number of submission per Participant, use either .avi /.mov/.mpg formats for uploading to Youtube, with HD formatting (1024p or higher resolution), in 16:9 aspect ratio. If the participating entry is not in the 16:9 ratio, please adjust the left and right to add black/white borders to adjust the aspect ratio to 16:9.


  1. You must also provide 4 screenshots of the work, with 1024p resolution or higher.
  2. Ensure that you upload to Youtube prior to the judging period (Depends on whether you tend to participant in the Most popular Internet  Personality Award)


  1. You must also comply with the Regulations Governing the Classification of Motion Pictures and Trailers and the Use of advertisements and promotional materials for a motion picture, to ensure the movie is appropriate for general public viewing, and does not violate the public order or morals.
  2. Companies and teams can choose to participate in the “Most Popular Internet Personality Award” online judging, if you are interested to join, then you must upload to Youtube and provide a link to the Festival Organizers for sharing on the “Most Popular Internet Personality Award” webpage, promotions, and judging. 
  3. The Organizers reserve the right to cancel, terminate, amend, or cease the event and for any incomplete action, reserve the right to amend the event activities, competition guidelines or interpretations, and such matters shall be deemed authoritative as promulgated on the official event website.



Ensure you complete the registration forms between August 01, 2019 and November 22, 2019, from the official registration form and include a complete and signed “Participant Entity Point of Contact Representative Basic Information Form” (Attachment 1), and the “Participating Entity Attestation Agreement” (Attachment 2) by email submission to , to ensure follow-up participation in the judging processes, and regrettably any late entries will not be accepted.

Registration fees>

1.Registration fee: NT$10,000 for each Micro Movie.

2.Payment method: along with the registration system print out for the payment slip, any of the following methods can be used to make payment, and the payment receipt does not need to be submitted.
(1)Transfer funds using a financial institution ATM.
(2)Transfer funds using an online ATM.

Any fees associated with the aforesaid means of payment shall be solely borne by the registering Participant.

Receipt of works

1.Each participant shall kindly complete and sign the “Participant Entity Point of Contact Representative Basic Information Form” (Attachment 1), and the “Participating Entity Attestation Agreement” (Attachment 2), and prepare same in, or scan it into, .pdf format.

2.Please submit your entry before November 22, 2019, with your Golden Eagle Award participant data (including 1. the Micro-Movie digital file, 2. The Screenshots of the work, 3. Pdf and word files of the above-mentioned attachments, 4. 3 stills have to be uploaded for nominating "Best Character Award") together on a CD ROM or on a thumb drive (and ensure you check the file for completion, to avoid any damage to the file and adversely affect the judging results) in duplicate, then send them by registered mail or in person, and note that all entries shall not be returned.

3.English subtitles should be added.

4.The mailing address or delivery address is: Micro-Movie Festival Organizers Working Group, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, 5th Floor, #35 Kuangfu North Road, Lane 11, Sungshan District, Taipei. The Office phone number is 02-2768-4999 ext. 596. For entrants using registered mail, the time of receipt shall be deemed to be determined by the post office stamped time of mailing; for those delivering in person, ensure delivery is during business hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm).


1.For registration forms and information please download from the official event website: .

2.For completed entries or submissions of works, the Organizers shall provide email notice to the designated Point of Contact of the participating entity on the next working day.

3.During registration, kindly ensure that you provide the correct contact information to facilitate the Organizers’ working processes.

4.For any incomplete registration or submission of a Micro-Movie, or any failure to conform to specifications, the Organizers may notify the entrant to supplement their entry or registration, and failure to make timely supplementation, or further incompleteness thereafter, will result in the Organizers declining to accept the registration or entry.



Best Picture Awards


The Best Film Award

The Best Picture Award is for the Highest Judges Score

The Outstanding Film Award

The Outstanding Picture Award is for entries receiving overall high Judges scores.

Sustainability Awards

Social Inclusion

The work displays the corporation’s concern for social needs and core values, and exemplary stakeholder communication efficacy and outstanding sustainability results.

Operations and Governance

The work displays the corporation’s profitable business model, corporate operations, Supply Chain Management efficacy, and outstanding outlook.

Environmental Stewardship

The work displays the corporation’s great contributions towards environmental protection and conservation, climate change, and resource management, and outstanding outlook.

Audio and Video Performance Awards

The Best Creative Film

The work displays creativity, impressibility, and an contagion spirit of outstanding communicative performance.

The Best Project

The work which can show the complete flow and structure. Also the meaning can be well presented.

The Best Cinematographic Techniques

The work displays outstanding performance in technical organization (cinematography, editing, lighting, audio (and audio effects)) and overall aesthetic effects.

Individual AwardsNew Add , Free Participation

The Best Director

The work displays outstanding performance in film direction (scenes, scene aesthetics, and acting performance).

The Best Main Character

The work displays exceptional lead actor acting performance in the center of the narrative presentation.

The Best Screenwriter

The script which displays its total originality and excellent creativity.

Other Awards

Jury Award

To recognize and encourage this year’s entries which did not receive the aforementioned awards but which are unique and meritorious works.

Most Popular Internet Personality Award

To recognize this year’s entries which were popular online, so this Award only considers the online voting results. The method of selection and process will be separately explained on the official website.


Tickets Information

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