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November 29 2014 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards

The 2014 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards Ceremony hosted by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy took place at Chang Yung-Fa Foundation on Tuesday November 25. 76 corporates took part in the Awards and their total revenues account for 70.5% of Taiwan GDP. This clearly shows that corporates in Taiwan value highly of Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards.


The year 2014 is quite an important year in the development history of Taiwan's corporate social responsibility as food safety issues, gas explosion incidents and company fraud incidents have occurred quite often that lead to bad impressions of corporates by the public. How to make the public regain their view and trust in corporates through implementation of corporate social responsibility practices has become a primary task corporates have to face.


Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards praise corporates for their carrying out social responsibility properly and goad corporates to go toward sustainable development and use Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, and Sustainability as the main concepts to encourage corporates to publish corporate sustainability reports to strengthen their value of and dedication to the three aspects of company governance, society, and environment.


Generally speaking, most of Taiwanese corporates' understanding of corporate social responsibility is only at the donation and charity level. Corporates should reconsider corporate social responsibility and the meaning of corporate sustainability in order to grow with society and achieve the goal of sustainable operation.