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November 22 Green Sustainable Transportation

TTF and TAISE jointly held the International Green and Smart Mobility Forum 2014: From ETC to ERP, on Monday, November 3, at the International Meeting Room of the MOTC Institute of Transportation campus, where TAISE Chairman Eugene Chien spoke on the theme of “The New Era of Green Smart Transportation- ETC Opportunities and Challenges”, before international experts from Singapore, Japan and Malaysia to introduce Taiwan’s new era in ETC technologies.

Among the advantages of ETC besides its replacement of manual toll fare collection, allowing vehicles to reduce fuel loss from reducing speeds to pay fares and then accelerate back to highway speeds, thus affording time-savings and energy efficiency and carbon emission reductions, are also its use of peak usage and congested road segment rate variability to control regional transportation status. This creates a new method to replace the prior means of reliance on new road construction and transportation regulations to manage transportation. 

Taiwan began implementing ETC technologies in 2012, and to date has 5.9 million ETC users, or about 83% of total vehicles equipped with e-Tags (Taiwan has 7.1 million vehicles). The Taiwan National Area Highway Bureau, MOTC, announced the total changeover to electronic toll collection on December 30, 2013.