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November 15 Smog in Beijing

With economic development, smog conditions in the Beijing area have become worse day by day and affect the lives of the residents greatly. When the situation is severe, not only low visibility is in place when driving, people taking part in marathons also need to put on masks in order to proceed.


Smog is the result of the interaction of specific climate conditions and human activities. Highly concentrated industrial development and social activities will definitely release huge amounts of particulate matter (PM2.5) that affect air quality. Exploration of the primary causes of smog in Beijing reveals that they include pollution generated from the coal consumed by power generation and steel refining industries, provision of heat by burning coal starting from November of each year, exhaust from the huge amount of transportation tools, and the air pollution from crop burning at harvest time in the Hebei area.


Air quality of smog in Beijing leads to reduced amounts of foreign visitors in recent years. This in turn creates relative difficulty to local schools in their recruiting of international students. How to improve air quality has become the problem of utmost importance to the Beijing government.