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November 1 The Committee on Climate Change

The Committee on Climate Change is a corporate body established in 2008 and is mainly responsible for enactment and monitoring of climate policies. It has the function of consolidating ideas and resources from different departments. Through stable legal authorizations, it also tries to make  promotion of relevant policies implemented in the long term without being influenced by change of government administrations.

It uses the 1990 carbon emissions levels as the baseline to project a reduction of 80% of carbon emissions in the UK before 2050. The complementary measures include promoting efficiency of family and factory energy use, increasing use of renewable thermal technology and so on. Also established is a mandatory emissions report mechanism to enable transparency and openness of carbon emissions by energy, transport, agriculture, and industry departments.

The success of UK's energy saving and carbon reduction policies is mainly attributed to open debates on issues related to climate change conducted by the government to make people understand the importance of climate change issues and become willing to restrain themselves and comply as well as generate pressure of public opinion to force various government departments to actually carry the policies out.