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October 25 UK's Green Achievements

After the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, many buildings in London exhibited brand new outlooks. An example is one of the world's air cargo hubs London Heathrow Airport with its total refurbishing of Terminal 2 to build a modern airport area with high quality arrangements and renamed to the Queen’ s Terminal and this has received widespread attention.


In terms of transportation, the famous buses in London also started to be manufactured by way of public tenders to build the New Bus for London that adopts a hybrid diesel-electric system that not only can reduce air pollution, its brand new outlook also can attract more tourists to take it in London because of its fame.


Furthermore in terms of system, London in 2008 started to implement a system of “congestion charge” that charges a daily fee of about 9 pounds on motor vehicles entering the Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ) in designated time segments. After the system was implemented, the problem of congestion has been greatly lessened and also helped to change people's habit to one of making use of public transport instead of driving cars.