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November 16 Dr. Chien’s Eco-report: UNFCCC COP19 I

UNFCCC COP19 convened by the United Nations this year was held in Warsaw, Poland on November 11-22. The Taiwan delegation consisted of about 80 people that included the business sector, NGO organizations as well as youth organizations like Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC).


In view of the drastic global climate change and prevention of the climate change from causing global disasters, The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was first convened in 1992. At the initial stage of the conventions, all the countries were in high spirit, discussed fervently and signed the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. The protocol clearly states that each developed country should reduce carbon emissions by 5.2% based on their carbon emission levels in 1990. However the US congress refused to recognize the agreements set forth in the protocol and refrained from signing the Kyoto Protocol, leading to the weird phenomenon of the largest emission country in the world not taking part in global carbon reduction. It is also because the protocol does not clearly specify penalty, eventually the Kyoto Protocol does not have its anticipated functions at work.


The 2009 Copenhagen Convention originally planned to sign the post-Kyoto Protocol. There were more than 100 country leaders present and the event was highly valued by countries in the world. But as they could not reach an agreement, the protocol was not signed. Furthermore US President Barrack Obama met with leaders of China, India, Brazil and South Africa in a closed-door meeting to negotiate the Copenhagen Accord. This led to dissatisfaction from other countries and resulted in the unhappy dissolution of the convention.