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November 2 Dr. Chien’s Eco-report: International Green Smart Mobility Forum II

In a report by The Climate Group titled “MART 2020:Enabling the Low Carbon Economy in the Information Age”, it states that ICT can assist various industries in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The following are the items that can have more emission reductions. I. Transportation and logistics II. Buildings III. Intelligent electrical grids IV. Intelligent motors. Among them traffic transportation has the best effect. The report roughly estimates that by 2020 we can save about 600 billion Euros and 7.8 billion tons of CO2.


ETC combines green, intelligence and traffic to form a tremendous driving force in society. Not only can it improve on the current traffic condition, it can also boost development of the industries. The employment of ETC to replace manual toll collection is even more of a milestone in the history of traffic. ETC can generate many combined effects that not only can increase conveniences in our lives, but also can elevate efficiency of the use of transportation tools and make the tolling mechanisms more flexible. With differences in peak and off-peak hours come different prices to regulate traffic and enable road users to learn about traffic conditions beforehand.