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1080112 - Chairman Chien Discusses the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Japan will host the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Unlike 1964 post-war Japan, now Japan will display its stability and global leadership role. In 2020, we will promote green sustainability through international competitions, promote green sustainability practices, modern technology and enhance sightseeing.

A large number of contestants and visitors attending the Olympics have made personal safety a major challenge. Through biometric methods, action detection and artificial intelligence, we will comprehensively prevent accidents and deal with crisis management in the event of an accident. In addition, "digital inclusion" (reflected in the Vian network system) will also reduce waste, including the reduction of food waste. Green energy will also be promoted, in accordance with the Paris Agreement, with the goal of using hydrogen fuel vehicles and electric vehicles as transportation vehicles for the Games. Japan’s advanced technology and the promotion of green sustainability are an exciting step for the world sustainability force.

This article is excerpted from the China Broadcasting News Network "Fever Earth" broadcast 2019.1.12 program.