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1080216 – The creative use of plastic provides unlimited enjoyment of the environment and renewable energy

Taxation has become a financial means for the government to manage plastic waste in recent years. European and American countries have begun to levy taxes on disposable plastic products.

Although it is important to reduce plastic to aid the environment, plastic products are also necessary in the ongoing fight against malaria in relatively poor and developing countries. In fact, by changing people's life and consumption habits, problems can be solved. Through Creative thinking the effective reduction of plastic could be achieved. Recently, the "Exchange Cup Club" project was launched in Europe and the United States. Consumers "rented" recyclable cups while still retaining their habits of re-using cups.

The shipping industry accounts for as much as 80% of global trade, and its carbon reduction actions cannot be delayed. Companies in Finland developed spinning sails, using wind as a propulsion energy source, reducing fuel costs and carbon emissions. Norwegian cruise companies use biomass energy to achieve the goal of removing fossil fuels.