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1080803 - Climate Change and Sustainable Development Workshop

On April 6, 1979 Taiwan and Saudi Arabia signed an MOU for Medical Cooperation, and deployed a medical team to the Kingdom. At the time technology was not widespread as now, and information was more limited, so many people had no idea where Saudi Arabia was located, and whether it was an advanced nation or not, with limited ideas about it at all. When the Taiwan government sought to organize the medical team for deployment to Saudi Arabia the effort was not very smooth, and finally the National Taiwan University Hospital agreed to accept the call to duty, arranging the team to provide treatment in the Kingdom and sending its medical and nursing colleagues to the country. At the time, Dr. Chi-Jen Hung led two very bright medical students to the nation, and the trip changed each of their lives and careers. Since there were many doctors from Europe and the US in Saudi Arabia at the time, it was possible to engage in international medical exchange, and gain information which could be used in Taiwan’s health system, so after returning home, the two students later progressed into leading physicians serving as our Minister of Health and as a Dean of the NTU Hospital and other leading medical institutions.