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1080831 - University Sustainable Development

What is university sustainable development? First of all there is "governance", "environmental sustainability and protection" and "society’s public interest". In addition to the lower salary of professors in Taiwan than in other countries, the problem of declining birthrate affects enrollment of schools being insufficient and  impacts providing a good environment and treatment to the faculty. Hence, it is important to seek to create solutions to reverse these problems.

There are four directions from which we can approach university sustainable development, the first is campus sustainability which means fulfilling social responsibility, the second is academic and research sustainability, which means studying the past and future, and global development topics. Thirdly there are the university objectives, such as teaching, scholarship and social service, including how to incorporate the 17 UN SDGs, and allow students to better appreciate these things, while understanding how they interrelate with universities. Finally, the fourth dimension is the circular economy, such as the sustainability of water use, and economic responsibilities.