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December 3 New Perspective on Trump’s Election, conforming to America’s “Energy Map”?

Trump is now the focal point of global headlines, and as President-elect Truman has consistently denied the reality of climate change, arguing it is an invention of other nations seeking to subvert the US economy, and pledging to depart from the Paris Agreement while reclaiming the self-determined right to develop its own energy.


 Analyzing Trump’s election one can find that a key issue is the economy, and especially America’s “energy map”. During Trump’s candidacy he pledged to rekindle the Midwestern coal states production and rejuvenate local industrial development and prompting the return of the populace, which met with widespread popular support ; while the development of alternate energy in states with significant contributions to environmental protection were key to areas where Clinton’s Democratic Party were successful.


To date there are 300 major American enterprises which have urged Trump to respect adherence to the Climate Change Convention, as meeting global expectations, and the world expects the US, as the leading economy, to establish a genuine low-carbon economy, otherwise international efforts at combating climate change will face unprecedented and unforeseeably dark vistas.