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November 5 The Circular Economy Emerges as a Global Trend and Recycling Reduces Carbon Emissions

The circular economy and the post-industrial revolution production, manufacture, and waste disposal of the Linear Economy model are completely different. The circular economy seeks to use alternative energy and reuse materials, through re-design, manufacture of new products, and creating diverse business models, which create value from waste through effective reutilization. If we can segregate this emerging circular economy from the massive abandonment and waste of the Linear Economy, we will be better able to enjoy our material lifestyles, while conserving resources and not wasting.


The circular economy also emphasizes diverse resource reutilization, beginning with recycling, for example with computers or smartphones, there are privacy concerns which impede recycling, so if we can establish a system whereby consumers can trust that their recycling will protect privacy, we can greatly enhance the willingness to recycle; secondly, we can work to increase the product lifecycle, for example with vehicle life extended from ten to twenty years; and thirdly, we can use shared services, such as through Uber or Airbnb, allowing for the concept of “using it does not require owning it”. These forms of the sharing economy can also create new sources of income and enhance environmental awareness and consciousness.


Fourthly, we can begin with the design process to incorporate and integrate the circularity concept, as for example the 2012 British Olympics stadium design began with considering post-Games reduction of height by half, with reclamation of the steel for reuse, or airplane engine parts designed for reusability in new engines, and greater use of the Internet of Things, allowing things to be optimally reused, and not merely through recycling.


The circular economy is an emerging global trend, and each nation must seek its own method to reduce resource waste and overuse of displosables and creation of waste, while also giving our best for the global carbon emission reduction efforts.