Tunghai University Invited Chairman Ambassador Eugene Chien to Lecture on the Social Responsibility of the Financial Services Industry

80 students from both the finance and business management departments attended the lecture

     On January 4, the Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Ambassador Eugene Chien delivered a lecture for the department of Finance of Tunghai University. Classroom M201 of the School of Management served as the venue of the lecture in which 80 students were present.

Ambassador Chien lectures on “Social Responsibility of the Financial Services Industry”

     In his lecture, Ambassador Chien stated that since the 2015 Paris Agreement, the international community pledged to environmental protection as a means to halting climate change. Industry has played a key role in influencing the success or failure of sustainable development. In addition to mastering new sustainability trends to develop business strategies, companies must combine their core competencies with social responsibility to develop create product value and enhance corporate innovation capabilities. It is also necessary to root the company’s goals and visions in the concept of sustainable and economic development, social justice, and environmental protection. The non-finical performance of ESG’s three major areas drives growth of financial performance.

Ambassador Eugene Chien (Right) alongside Chen Jiawei, Director of Tunghai University Finance Department


     Dr. Chien further analyzed the priorities of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Decent work and economic growth (8), climate action (13), responsible production and consumption (12), good health and well-being (3) are all a global investment. By tackling SDGs, companies can effectively attract responsible investment opportunities through the practice of sustainable business strategies and convert these into commercial value. Among these, the financial industry has the greatest impact. The emergence of new international standards such as the principle of responsible investment and the principle of perpetual insurance will enable financial institutions on to focus on assessing the performance of ESG. Ambassador Chien suggested in his conclusion that students can incorporate the potential of each company into their conditions of job searching. Identifying the company’s development vision and current international trends is important for selecting companies with an appropriate developmental potential.