Students from 22 countries launch a five-day sustainability exploration tour of Taiwan “2019 Taiwan In My Eyes 120h” kicks off from today

CTCI Education Foundation and the Center for Corporate Sustainability jointly organize “2019 Taiwan In My Eyes 120h”, a nationwide event in conjunction with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event kicks off with the opening ceremony on Monday, January 21, at Meeting Room 201 of CTCI Corporation. Ambassador Eugene Chien, Chairman of CTCI Education Foundation and Chairman of Center for Corporate Sustainability, and John Yu, Chairman of CTCI Corporation, were invited to address the opening remarks and wished the participating teams a successful and fruitful event. The event runs for 5 days with a total of 120 hours scheduled to discover Taiwan.

Dr. Chien noted that this is the fourth time CTCIEF hosts “Taiwan In My Eyes 120h” and the last three were successful, both the students and the corporations have gained exclusive and fruitful experiences. This year the participants come from selected from 11 universities nationwide and 22 different countries. The students will witness the global competence of Taiwan in infrastructure, sustainable semiconductor manufacturing, ecological education, innovative technology development in central Taiwan, and the transformation of energy industry in Taiwan. The event will enable observation, exchange, discussion, and reflection in all dimensions of daily life in Taiwan, working towards sustainability development in Taiwan through global partnerships.

John Yu, Chairman of CTCI noted that the participating students are filled with energy and a fighting spirit. The Students are expected to use Facebook as well as other social media platforms to show the global community Taiwan’s advances in sustainable development. As a member of the international engineering community, CTCI is honored to represent Taiwan in world-class projects including: refining, petrochemicals, electric power, steel, transportation, public infrastructure, incineration and energy recovery, and environmental engineering. In the future, with rich engineering experience gained both in and outside Taiwan, CTCI will continue to lead in the development of sustainable projects both at home and abroad.

The first stop of the 2019 Taiwan in My Eyes 120h event was CTCI Engineering Co. Established in 1979; it is now among the 100 top engineering companies worldwide. For three consecutive years, CTCI has earned the recognition of the DJSI. Currently, CTCI has over 40 active locations worldwide and they continue to expand and innovate in the fields of green engineering and circular economy. As a member of corporate citizenship, CTCI strives to improve its business performance through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They seek to become “the most trusted global engineering services team”. This is in line with SDG-9 focused on constructing resilient infrastructure and sustainable industrialization.

The second stop of the day for the students was Powertech Technology Inc (PTI). They are global leaders in providing turnkey services for integrated circuits probing, packaging and testing. Making use of strategic alliances and innovative models PTI provides the most reliable quality and services of advanced technology. Their excellent factories are incredibly efficient and able to satisfy all of their customer’s requirements. PTI aims at promoting “Science and Technology Education” and “Humanities Education”. They actively participate in social welfare programs and invest resources the cultivation and development of talents as well as working toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The meticulously planned visits will enable domestic and foreign students to witness Taiwan’s success and at the same time, they will share these experiences on social media thus giving the world a wider outlook on Taiwan’s sustainability efforts. For the latest news and information please visit the CTCI fan page ( as well as Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability ( and (