Collaboration with the National Audit Office to Enhance Sustainable Development

           Auditing serves as a powerful, forward looking tool when it comes to sustainable development. The Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A-SDGs) held the signing ceremony at the second conference room of National Audit Office on January 31. The Chairman of the alliance, Dr. Eugene Chien and the Auditor general, Lin Ching-Long both singed then agreement. The National Audit office is now the first ministerial level agency to become a member of the alliance. The addition of this agency is expected to fully implement sustainable development.

First picture- Deputy Secretary General, Dr. Jackie Wang, Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Jiang BenJi, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Goals Alliance, Dr. Eugene Chien, Auditor General Lin Ching-Long, Deputy Auditor General, Wang Li Zhen,  Deputy Auditor, Ceng Shi Ming   

           The chairman of the Alliance, Dr. Eugene Chien explained that the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A-SDGs) was established at the end of August last year. The members of the Alliance cover a vast number of areas including industry, government, research institutions, and society, together, the corporate members account for more than 50% of Taiwan’s GDP. Currently, the alliance also includes 12 colleges and universities as well as the 3 major science parks. Last November, members of the Alliance held the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF), with more than 2,100 participants, indicating how sustainable development is trending in Taiwan. Sustainable development is intertwined with all social, economic, and environmental issues, stake holders must work together to achieve these goals. The National Audit Office urges administrative agencies to improve governance efficiency   and public interest. They assist in identifying governance risks and provide early warning advice thus making a substantial contribution to sustainable development.

Picture 2- Group photo of the group after the signing ceremony

           Auditor General Lin Ching-Long said that performance auditing is key to promote sustainable development. The National Audit Office is actively updating its trends with the help of the international community and introduced international standards like The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) which gathers the best auditing practices from countries around the world while promoting sustainable development. At present, audit institutions in more than 80 countries incorporate sustainable development goals into their governance performance checks, thinking about national policies as a whole and implementing sustainable development is a change of concept that holds limitless opportunities.  After its addition to the Alliance, the National Audit Office looks forward to building partnerships with members, learn from one another, and work together to create a sustainable future.