Ambassador Eugene Chien Invited to Share about Global Sustainability

Dr. Eugene Chien, Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy delivers a speech on Global Sustainability and evergreen life

           The Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Ambassador Eugene Chien delivered a speech at a Taipower Lecture Hall on February 16 in an event sponsored by Taiwan Power Company. The lecture, titled “Global Sustainability and evergreen life”. The lecture aimed to explain international trends in an era of rapid transformation as well as impacts on the energy industry and future strategies and directions.  Over 140 first level supervisors attended the event to gain a glimpse of the future of power development and its prospects.

           Ambassador Chien spoke about three major trends in the world today: globalization, technology, and climate change. Countries around the world have set carbon reduction targets in response to increasing levels of greenhouse gases over past decades. Over thirty countries including the United Kingdom, France, and Austria have announced the removal of coal-fired power plants by 2025. Norway and India have stated they will ban the sale of gasoline and diesel automobiles by 2025 and 2030 respectively, and shift towards a new era of electric vehicles. In addition to governments, major multinational companies have also constructed their own sustainable models, Apple for example, has stated that it will run on 100% renewable energy starting 2019. Furthermore, Walmart, one the world’s largest retailers, announced it will reduce 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in their procurement process y 2030.

More than 140 Taiwan Electric Power Company's first-level supervisors attended the lecture

           Ambassador Chien continued explaining how climate change is ushering an inevitable transformation of the energy production and distribution structure. Dr. Chien stated that use of green energy is inescapable.  However, Taiwan’s share of renewable of renewable energy is still below 2%. It is highly recommended that Taiwan takes of advantage of natural conditions such as strong winds to develop strong wind energy capabilities. Furthermore, both governments and corporations must work in unison in order achieve sustainable goals. Google is the first major company to establish a renewable energy power generation center in Taiwan with aims of achieving the RE100 (Renewable 100) goal. It is expected that the supervisors will gain full understanding of the world’s trends in electric power generation and promote a new transformation in Taiwan’s energy ecosystem.

           Ambassador Chien shared a concept he calls “life 4.0”, he mentioned at the end of his speech that life can be divided into four stages: infancy, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. In order to study and work, you need to learn more, enrich yourself, plan and prepare for retirement in advance, and master four key elements: The pursuit and satisfaction of healthy body, family relationship, financial stability and self-fulfillment to ensure that you can continue to enjoy a wonderful life after leaving work. In addition to working hard for Taiwan's sustainable development, the supervisors are here to enjoy their own, green lives.

Chairman of the Taiwan Power Company Yang Weifu (left) presents a gift to Ambassador Chien (Right)