ICLEI Secretary General Visits the Sustainability Guildhall to Learn about the Status of Sustainable Development in Taiwan

On February 18, Gino Van Begin, Secretary General of the Local Governments for Sustainability Council (ICLEI), Tsai Wanhao from the ICLEI Kaohsiung Environmental Sustainability Training Center in East Asia, and Kuo haowei, member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NGO visited the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy in hopes to learn about Taiwan’s sustainable development and the success of Taiwan’s environmental management. The Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Ambassador Eugene Chien, received the visiting delegation. Not only did he introduce the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (A·SDGs) but he also shared how the foundation’s results in promoting SDGs. ICLEI is one of the partners who participated in the 2018 Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF), the forum saw the attendance of over 2,100 people. Ambassador Chien expressed how Taiwan has developed relevant policies for renewable energy, environmental protection, and sustainable development. Through the effective use of energy diplomacy, the foundation has established and promoted international exchanges and partnerships.

Ambassador Chien further explained the effectiveness and success of both the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Center for Corporate Sustainability during this month in the field of environmental and sustainable development education. He continued to share the achievements of Taiwan’s environmental protection practices such as resource reuse and recycling technologies. Dr. Chien spoke about the increase in implementation of SDGs by Taiwanese companies in recent years. This is not due to public interest alone but because they are now inevitable to a company’s long-term success. These achievements become visible when observing the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards. The awards are held every year by the foundation and the number of award-winning entrepreneurs and companies has increased dramatically showing that companies are attaching more importance to sustainable development.

Gino Van BeginSecretary General Gino Van Begin expressed his deep appreciation for Taiwan’s achievements in promoting sustainable development goals. He continued to express ICLEI’s commitment to support and promote the sustainable development of cities around the world and at the same time raised a series of issues with Dr. Chien. Mr. Van Begin expressed the he hopes both parties will have more exchanges and cooperation in the future.

(from left to right) Director Tsai Wanhao, Ambassador Eugene Chien, ICLEI Secreatry General Gino Van Begin, and Director Kuo Haowei

Ambassador Chien and Secretary General Gino Van Begin discuss Taiwan’s achievements in sustainable development.