TAISE and CSS Work Together on Training Courses to Cultivate Sustainable Talents

The Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE) and the Center for Corporate Sustainability (CSS) in cooperation with PwC held the Corporate Sustainability Elite Training Course on February 21. 106 participants partook in the class which focused on practical exercises to increase CSR knowledge. The aim of the course is to strengthen the cultivation of sustainable talents.   

 In his speech the Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Ambassador Eugene Chien, mentioned that investing in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are now the major operating trends of major companies both at home and abroad. He continued to encourage corporate colleagues to learn the relevant trends and as this brings benefits to society, corporations, and to the individuals themselves. By accumulating experience through the course, participants will be able to promote the sustainable development of Taiwan. PwC accountant, Lee Yihua, mentioned how the accounting company is committed to the practice of SDGs and actively encouraging enterprises to practice SROI, responsible investment, and to respond to the DJSI and CDP questionnaires. Furthermore, they published the Business Report Integration and SDG practice Guide in 2018 giving companies a well-rounded introduction on how incorporate sustainable development into their existing models. He later welcomed the participants and wished the participants would take full advantage of the training course. 

Mr. Chen Yaode of the Tunghai University Industry-Academia Collaboration and Innovation Incubation Center analyzed and described the CSR report drafting process including implementation of major analysis, formulation of management policies and non-financial information disclosure projects. Through the examination of both domestic and foreign CSR report examples he explained industry trends as well as form and quality of writing. 

 Professor Lee Yuming, of the Taipei University Institute of Natural Resources Management analyzed the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) selection and assessment criteria based on three aspects: completeness, credibility, and communication. In this practical training course, the participants scored sections of reports in order to further understand the writing structure and expected results of a CSR report through the actual scoring process. The Vice President of the Taipei University Business School, Chen Yushan, and CSS Deputy Secretary General, Jackie Wang assisted the students on report scoring. In 2018, 343 volunteer judges from all sectors of society participated in the TCSA selection process. The participants were invited to form part of this year’s selection panel for the highly respected TCSA. 

 Ambassador Eugene Chien (center) and the course intructors