2019 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival Award Winners Announced with Stellar Domestic Corporate Entries Among the Winners

2019 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival Award Winners Announced with Stellar Domestic Corporate Entries Among the Winners

The Third Annual 2019 Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival Award Winners have been announced by the organizers, the Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability, at 2:30pm on the afternoon of February 27, at the Huashan Spot Theater where the festival and Awards Ceremony were held, with 11 domestic corporations among the winners and in attendance before a robust audience. TACS Chairman Dr. Eugene Chien and the Awards Judging Lead Panelist, Director Khan Lee offered opening remarks and presented Awards. Among the Award winning enterprise representatives were Jason Kung Yi Koo, Vice Chairman of the Taiwan Cement Corporation, Hung-Chou Lee, Vice President of the Taiwan Power Company, Chih-Lan Sun, Vice President of the CTBC Bank, Chin-Chan Chou, Vice President of Taiwan Life Insurance, Mao-Chi Chung, Vice President of Cathay Life Insurance, Hsiang-Hsin Tsai, Vice President of Cathay United Commercial Bank, Fen-Ti Kao, Vice President of TransGlobe Life Insurance, Yi-Ko Chen, Corporate Safety Office and Vice President of China Airlines, Cheng-Hsien Yang, Vice President of Far Eastern SOGO, Paul Chai, Executive Director of the Fubon Foundation, Chien-Hung Lin, Manager, Taichung Commercial Bank, and Chia-Ying Lin, Manager, ASUSTeK Computer, all appeared in person to accept the Awards for their companies. Among the numerous judges and dignitaries also present for the event were You-Lee Teng, Emeritus Director, Taiwan Micro Film Association, and its Chairman Shih-Hsi Chang, as well as Micro Movie Association Secretary General Lee-Hsueh Lai, along with Teh-Fen Yen, President of the Veda International Corp., Deputy Director Dr. Young Ku, Taiwan Research Institute, Yuh-Ming Lee, Secretary General of the Center for Corporate Sustainability, and HPE Manager Huei-Ying Chiang.


Ambassador Eugene Chien, Chairman of TACS, remarked: “In the past three years, we have seen the rapid growth of the Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival and the number of entries, from 9 companies in the first annual event and 16 film entries; to a doubling to 20 companies entered this year with 33 micro-films participating, signifying outstanding progress! This year has been a transformative year, witnessing growth in the circular economy, sustainable aviation, to remote areas consulting services, and long elderly healthcare, the whole gamut of social services and shared prosperity projects have attained success. This year’s Awards have presented, both in terms of themes and contents, tremendous variety and scope, with all entries evincing high quality, cinematographic techniques and artistry, along with advanced narrative storytelling, improving and enhancing the Festival’s renown and strengthening our widespread social influence. As corporations deploy the adroit means of microfilm and multimedia for public transmission of sustainability precepts and principles, and promoting their successes in fulfilling and devolving their social responsibilities, this means of public relations has emerged as the most noteworthy method and emerging trend in stimulating corporate social responsibility.”


Lead Panelist Director Khan Lee noted that beside the increase in the number of entries, the films’ quality also had progressed, and the competition was very fierce, making it quite a challenge for the judges to determine the ultimate winners.


This year’s Awards includes six major Award categories, including: Best Film and Outstanding Film, and awards for Social Inclusion, Operations and Governance, Environmental Stewardship, Cinematographic Creativity, Innovative Scripts, Cinematographic Techniques and an award chosen by the public for “Most Popular Internet Personality Award”; the award winners for each follow.

The Third Annual Best Film Award went to “The future is worth it” by the Taiwan Cement Corporation. The Outstanding Film awards went to these five films: “Guardians of the Boiler” by the Taiwan Power Company, “Since we care, we’re responsible-My Baseball Dream: the Matsu Baseball Camp” by TransGlobe Life Insurance, “Panpipe in the Mountains” , “The Happiness Project” and “The Taiwan Dream” by CTBC Bank.


“The future is worth it” by the Taiwan Cement Company, was not only recognized with a Best Film award, but also won awards in the categories of Best Cinematographic Techniques, Best Operations and Governance, Outstanding Cinematographic Creativity, Outstanding Innovative Scripts, Outstanding Social Inclusion, and Outstanding Environmental Stewardship. This winner revealed Taiwan Cement’s operational goals: “cement is not the sole solution for mankind’s needs, but Taiwan Cement is dedicated to wholehearted emphasis on achieving a balance between human development and natural ecology”, evincing the commitment to advancing toward a green environmental engineering enterprise, which earned praise from all the judges, and rightly attained much recognition in this year’s Awards!


“Guardians of the Boiler” by the Taiwan Power Company followed closely and was recognized with a total of five awards in the categories of Outstanding Film award, Best Innovative Scripts, Outstanding Cinematographic Techniques, Outstanding Social Inclusion, and Outstanding Environmental Stewardship. The work explores how power generation boilers are repaired, leading the audience on a highly frenetic adventure in a race against time, while explaining how the Taiwan Power Company fulfills its social responsibilities.



CTBC Bank won Outstanding Film awards for all three of its entries: “Panpipe in the Mountains”, “The Happiness Project” and “The Taiwan Dream”.“Panpipe in the Mountains”was selected for Outstanding Film as well as for the Best Social Inclusion and Outstanding Cinematographic Techniques awards.“The Happiness Project” won awards for Outstanding Innovative Script and Outstanding Social Inclusion; and“The Taiwan Dream”won awards for Outstanding Innovative Script and Outstanding Cinematographic Techniques . This meant that CTBC Bank was this year’s Awards winner of the most awards, securing first place among all the entrants.



“Since we care, we’re responsible-My Baseball Dream: the Matsu Baseball Camp” by TransGlobe Life Insurance reflected the real lives of ordinary citizens of Matsu, revealing how a Matsu High School baseball coach and players spread care and responsibility, and winning two awards for Outstanding Film and Outstanding Cinematographic Creativity . Their other work “Since we care, we’re responsible- my acre of tea plants” also won an award for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship.



The Taichung Commercial Bank presented ‘Spreading Care, Unlimited Hope to Share”, using humorous acting and popular internet lingo to encourage the public to donate blood, and winning both Best Cinematographic Creativity Award and this year’s “Most Popular Internet Personality Award”.



China Airlines’ entry “Fly to ECO”, focused on ecologically friendly aviation, using cute animations and highly creative techniques to display their corporate determination and drive toward environmental protection, and winning broad recognition with four Awards for Best Environmental Stewardship, Outstanding Cinematographic Creativity, Outstanding Social Inclusion, and Outstanding Operations and Governance.



ASUSTeK Computer and Far Eastern SOGO were the only award winners in their respective industries. ASUSTek Compuer’s “ASUSTek 2020 Sustainability Vision”, explored high tech corporate sustainability operational transformation, and won awards for both Outstanding Operations and Governance, and Outstanding Environmental Stewardship. Far Eastern SOGO’s “SOGO Innovative Cookingware Era, Protecting the Planet and our Customers Health”, explaining its determined efforts to rid the environment of harmful toxins and keep customers free from melamine laden bowls and plates, utensils and cutlery, which won recognition with the Outstanding Environmental Stewardship award.

Taiwan Life Insurance’s two entries,“In Home Bathing Service” and “Keep solitary elderly company to having medical treatment”, explored the needs of senior citizens while aiming to stimulate social dialogue and concern for the elderly in local communities, both of which won recognition with the Outstanding Social Inclusion award; and “Keep solitary elderly company to having medical treatment”also was a favorite among the panelists, winning recognition with the first “Judges Favorite Award”.

The entry of Cathay Financial Holdings with its’ “Giant Trees fighting against drugs” and the Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank’s entry, “Children of the Islands”, were both selected as exemplary entries from the financial field for recognition with the Outstanding Social Inclusion award. Cathay Financial Holdings also entered a micro-film entitled “Green Finance and Innovating Taiwan’s Beautiful and Prosperous Future” which explores green finance, and another entry, “Since we care, we’re responsible- my acre of tea plants” both won awards for Outstanding Environmental Stewardship, and were the only winning financial industry entries.

Immediately following the Awards Ceremony, there were professional lectures and exchange, with documentary director Ming-Yuen Chiu and Executive Director Shih-Hsi Chang, discussing respectively “the Jinshan Initiative” and “Micro-Film Creation and Sharing”, which the former exploring how to resolve local resident desires for economic growth and ecological conservation and environmental stewardship for a proper balance, while the latter explored sharing about narrative techniques and corporate micro-film production, creativity and innovation.


The moderated session was hosted by renowned media personality Yue-Eh Yang, along with the winning corporate entrants and dignitaries who enjoyed the encounter which all in attendance found to be very enriching.

TACS will continue to host the Taipei Golden Eagle Micro-Movie Festival, and we expect the 2019 entries to be open for registration in September, where we expect to include two new Awards categories for Outstanding Male Role and Outstanding Female Role, to encourage the new generation of microfilm makers. We hope that the power of Micro-Movies will encourage robust communication channels between corporations and all stakeholders, to enliven and enrich engagement and stories of corporate sustainable development efforts and fulfillment of social responsibility, helping eludicate the new force of corporate sustainability innovation and diverse and highly creative communication methods, working synergistically in consonance to propel Taiwan forward towards attaining universal corporate sustainable development.