CTCI EF and CSS held the 64th CSR University Lecture at Kun Shan University of Science and Technology Focusing on Green Marketing and Sustainable Development

In order to enable the understanding of Corporate Sustainability (CS) and sustainable development, CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) and the Center for Corporate Sustainability (CSS) in cooperation with KunShan University carried out the 64th session of the CSR university lectures. The event invited Professor Chen Yushan and Vice Dean of the Department of Business Administration of National Taipei University to deliver a lecture. Professor SuYankun, former president of Kunshan University of Science and Technology, Professor Lin Qingquan, Dean of the School of Business Administration, Professor Lin Longfu of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Chen Changren of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Deputy Secretary-General of CCS Jackie Wanggave a wonderful speech.

Vice President Chen began by explaining the concept of “Green Marketing and Sustainable development” he expanded on the fronts of environmental protection, social care, and economic development. L’Oréal recently launched a new brand named “seed”, their shampoo bottles are created out of paper and clay thus making them biodegradable. This is a great example of green marketing. Companies have been expanding on their corporate social responsibility through green innovation. Other examples include Budweiser Brewery who has developed a can using 33% less aluminum than regular cans thus reducing the consumption of 21 million pounds of raw materials a year. TSMC has developed smaller silicon wafers to save energy and reduce costs. These companies are showing how enhancing brand value can win the trust of stakeholders. Vice President Chen continued to explain that companies that promote sustainable development obtain more support and resources from stakeholders, not only to improve the legitimacy of the company but also tends to increase sales volume and enhance competitiveness. In the end, students were encouraged to introduce green innovation and sustainable development to their future employment. 

In addition to the CSR university Lectures, CTCI EF and CSS organize a number of CSR learning related activities including the Youth Sustainability Camp, the CSR Captain Program, Taiwan In My Eyes 120h, Corporate Elite Training Courses, and others.Stay tuned for CTCI EF ( or CCS ( official website for further information.

    Deputy Secretary General, Jackie Wang (second right) alongside professors of Kun Shan and University and National Taipei University.

    Deputy Secretary General, Jackie Wang (second right) alongside professors of Kun Shan and University and National Taipei University.