Wonderful !The results of the competition"2019 Taiwan in My Eyes 120h - Sustainable Raiders" see Taiwan's standard companies committed to the brilliant results of SDGs

Judge panel takes picture with the 2019Taiwan in My Eyes 120h teams.

The CTCI Education Foundation (CTCIEF) and the Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS)joined together to host the "2019 Taiwan in My Eyes 120h - Sustainable Raiders" event, which was attended by 11 universities and colleges across the country. On March 9th, the 48 domestic and foreign students making up 12 teams waited for the results of the competition. CTCIEF and CCS Chairman, as well as the ambassador, Dr. Eugene Chien, said that the international group of students performed well and grasped the cross-cultural mission of theexploration around Taiwan and the witnessing of rare elements of Taiwanese culture and industry. The students will share the progress of Taiwan's sustainable development in theirforeign communities, on websites and blogs, and recognize the work being done in the country.

This event is divided into two parts: sites discovery and a results presentation. The sites discoverytakes students to the world's top 100 engineering services in the country, includingCTCI Corporation, a global integrated circuit packaging and testing service factory, PTI Technologies Inc, which is committed to promoting environmental education, Green DreamWorks, which works towards high-tech industry development, Central Science Park of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Taiwan's largest petrochemical energy company, CPC Corporation (Kaohsiung Refinery). Each of the five companies is doing great work in regards to sustainability. Through the social media posts of foreign students, people around the world can see Taiwan's impressive achievements in sustainable development.

The "United We Stand" team from Taipei Medical University won the results presentation and was unanimously approved by the jury. The team received the " CTCI International Exchange Scholarship" of NT$100,000. Second place was given to theNational Chung Hsing University "Tree60°" project and National Taiwan Normal University "TaiPeCoGua" project, which were both awarded with a NT$50,000 scholarship. The third place was given to the National Taipei University of Science and Technology "APPLE" team, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology "The Face" project, and the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology "WALL-E" team. The University of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages "Lady Power" also received a NT$30,000 scholarship. The fourth place being given to theNational Cheng Kung University "Footing" team, the National Taichung University of Science and Technology "Princess Leia" team, and the National Tsinghua University "Seventeen" team, as well as theNational Chung HsingUniversity "SOW Taiwan” Team and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology "FORMOSA" team, which wereeach awarded a NT$20,000 scholarship.

“United We Stand” from Taipei Medical University are awarded first place