Ambassador Eugene Chien is invited to attend the “TASS First Plenary Third General Conference of Members and Sustainable Supply Chain Lecture” to deliver a presentation

Ambassador Eugene Chien (sixth from left), with TASS Executive Director Shu-Hsin Lai (sixth from right), and ASE Global Vice President Kuang-Chun Chou along with assembled dignitaries and VIPs in a group photo at the Conference Opening Ceremony

The TASS-Taiwan Alliance for Sustainable Supply and ASE Global joined efforts on Thursday, March 14, at the Kaohsiung Hanshin Arena 9th Floor Meeting Hall to host the “TASS First Plenary Third General Conference of Members and Sustainable Supply Chain Lecture”; A·SDGs Chairman and Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy Chairman Ambassador Eugene Chien, was invited to Keynote speak at the Conference, and TASS presented a Certificate recognizing Ambassador Chien as an Honorary Consultant.


During the morning first session lecture, Ambassador Eugene Chien began by expressing congratulations to TASS for its successes since its founding in 2017, and in that short period having yielded many important initiatives and legal and regulatory recommendations, hosting international conferences, and enhancing Taiwan’s sustainable supply chain standards, for a broad range of successes. Ambassador Chien noted that 2019 is a year with many significant challenges and numerous business opportunities for sustainable supply chain operations, requiring corporate branding (such as Apple’s green energy requirements, RE100, etc.), technological innovation and progress (for example, the blockchain, food traceability, etc.), and stressors from government and non-profit organization stakeholder relations (including the HSBC Safeguard effort to combat global financial crimes), but is also replete with business opportunities for the ready.