The TAISE Chairman speaks at the first EPD lecture series on creating a more sustainable world

The Environmental Protection Department recently held a series of "expert lectures" under the leadership of Director Zhang Zijing. The EPD selected important environmental issues and invited well-known scholars, researchers and leaders to share their ideas on the topic, with the hope that the series will further environmental work in the country. The staff of the Department can not only learn from the series, but also keep updated on the latest green trends. The first lecture was held on Thursday, April 11 on the 11th floor of the Environmental Protection Agency. The chairman of the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation and the first director of the department, Dr. Chien, and the new ambassador, gave a speech. About 80 people attended the hearing, including the deputy director and the first-level supervisor. 


In his welcoming address, Director Zhang Zijing pointed out that Ambassador Chien has served as the head of many ministries and held important government positions. Whether he is the ambassador, minister or other title, Director Zhang still likes to honor the the ambassador as an important environmental leader. As the first director of the Department, Dr. Chien started a program for the comprehensive development of China's environmental protection laws, regulations, organizational structure and education. As you look at Taiwan's clear water, blue skies, and green land, the ambassador has surely done a lot to achieve this. 


Keeping with the theme of "A Sustainable World", Dr. Chien first shared with the participating EPA colleagues the past history, current situation and future trends of environmental protection and sustainable development. He mentioned that, in 1987, the Environmental Protection Agency was established in Taiwan during the era of much environmental destruction. In the face of over- emphasis on cconomic development, the air and water were seriously polluted, waste grew, and public protests became more and more frequent. The Chairman then moved onto vision and policy building topics: "Establishing an Environmental Organization System to Cultivate Talent" "Additional Amendments to Laws and Regulations", "Integrating Social Resources to Expand Environmental Education Advocacy". "Pollution Inspection and Public Opinions", and "Promoting Environmental Infrastructure." In addition to clear policy and vision, i is also necessary to communicate well with internal and external stakeholders to achieve the best results. 


Dr. Chien also shared the various environmental protection plans and education for this year, the establishment of a resource recovery mechanism, and the environmental cartoon short films. All of this determination and perseverance will surely make an impact at preserving Taiwan's beautiful environment. All the civil servants who attended the meeting are currently in life stage 3.0. (According to: Ambassador Chien divides life into four stages: 1.0 is the early childhood under 6 years ol.d, 2.0 is the before the age of 22, 3.0 For the working period before the age of 60, 4.0 is after the age of 60). We should continue to prepare for life stage 4.0, so that the life after retirement is more splendid and exciting, and moving towards a sustainable planet helps ensure that for all future generations.