Ambassador Dr. Chien and the new members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are committed to sustainable development

In order to expand the diversified thinking of diplomats, enhance their international horizons and understand the pulse of domestic and international trends, Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the Director of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy in the "New Diplomatic Training Course for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" on April 24 (Wednesday). With the theme "Challenges and Opportunities for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations", Ambassador Dr.Chien  encouraged the new members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to seize the global sustainable development trend and communicate and communicate with the international community in the common language of the world.

Figure 1. The Ambassador Dr.Chien encourages new members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the theme "Challenges and Opportunities for the UN Sustainable Development Goals"


In his speech, Ambassador Dr.Chien pointed out that the world faces many risks and crises, which are highlighting the importance of sustainable value. Sustainable development emphasizes inter-generation and intra-generational equity. Under the guidance of the United Nations, the perpetual definition becomes clearer and clearer, and companies from every country can follow and implement social responsibility and sustainable development of enterprises. The 17 goals, 169 targets, and 232 indicators in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda are affecting the development of the world, countries and enterprises. The United Nations publishes a progress report on sustainable development goals every year, and countries submit their sustainability reports to show that sustainable development is the current trend.

Figure 2. Ambassador Dr.Chien pointed out that the world is facing many crises, highlighting the importance of sustainable development.


Dr. Chien believes that enterprises are the key to sustainable development. The practice of sustainable development requires enterprises, governments and society to jointly fulfill their responsibilities. In particular, enterprises have funds and cover most stakeholders in society, and their role is even more important. For enterprises, achieving sustainable development is beneficial. In addition to reducing business risks, seizing market opportunities, and increasing transparency in corporate governance, it can also unite more cooperative relationships. With the increase of global climate change related legislation, technological innovation, the elimination of coal-fired, fuel-fired power generation market trends and the continuous improvement of investment, enterprises have to face the crisis and risks. Taiwanese companies have performed outstandingly in terms of sustainability. Regardless of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and ESG information disclosure, Taiwan ranks among the best in the world and helps to promote Taiwan's positive image.


Dr. Chien also discussed with the new colleagues of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on issues such as brain drain and the status of renewable energy development in Taiwan. He believes that the brain drain and population demise are Taiwan's future development difficulties and are issues that the government cannot ignore. In addition, Dr. Chien cited the latest poll of the 2019 Taiwan Power Usage and Energy Transformation Poll conducted jointly by the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation and the Zhongding Education Foundation. More than 99% of the people are unclear about Taiwan's 2050 carbon reduction target. (Compared with 50% reduction in carbon in 2005), it is obvious that the policy is insufficiently publicized. Finally, Dr. Chien           hopes that the colleagues in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will seize the perpetual pulse of the world and communicate with other countries in the common language of the world to promote Taiwan's sustainable achievements and promote to friends.