CTBC Holding and CCS jointly organized the "CDP Climate Change Questionnaire Analysis and Excellent Enterprise Sharing" course Mastering CDP Questionnaire Tips and Future Trends

Co-sponsored by the Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) and CTBC Financial Holdings Co., Ltd., and the 32nd session of the SGS Taiwan Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. - CDP Climate Change Questionnaire Analysis and Excellent Enterprise Sharing" is expected to be held on the afternoon of April 26, 2019 (Friday), in the International Conference Hall on the 20th floor of Building B, China Trust Financial Park.

Figure 1. Deputy Secretary-General of the Republic of China Enterprise Sustainable Development Association Mo Dong Li said that improving the sustainability of the supply chain is one of the company's sustainable development goals. 

On behalf of the organizers, the Secretary-General of the Center for Corporate Sustainability, Mr. Li Yu Ming, said that in order to clearly grasp the CDP questionnaire and future trends, the organizer specially invited experts and scholars who have both CDP education and professional analysis for the CDP questionnaire. In addition, Taiwan's most representative enterprises are invited to share the success stories of carbon reduction management. It is hoped that more enterprises in Taiwan will be able to manage carbon emissions and reduce carbon emissions more smoothly, so that the world can see Taiwan's carbon reduction determination.

Figure 2: Senior Consultant Chen Yao-De of the Center for Production, Learning and Breeding of Tunghai University proposes a concrete solution to the common problems encountered by Taiwanese companies in the CDP questionnaire.

This course first invites Deputy Secretary-General Mo Dong Li of the Enterprise Sustainable Development Association of the Republic of China to share the current development status and trends of the 2018 CDP survey report, and predict the trend and key analysis of this year's CDP report evaluation. Deputy Secretary-General Mo also said that the sustainability of the supply chain should be improved: from efficiency to transformation, enterprises need to work hard. CDP's achievements are also one of the criteria for domestic and foreign companies to choose suppliers. Then the second speaker invited the national CDP related authoritative expert Dong Yao University Industry and Education Center Chen Yaode senior consultant to respond to the 2018 Taiwan enterprises reply CDP questionnaire status analysis, and propose solutions to the common problems of Taiwan enterprises, assist Taiwan enterprises this year. The CDP questionnaire is more refined and the CDP topic corresponds to TCFD. Make the participating companies more aware of the importance of the TCFD standard.

Figure 3. Director of Sun Moonlight Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Su Bingshuo shares the low carbon management of ASE

At the stage of enterprise sharing, we first invited Director Su Bingshuo, the global semiconductor industry leader in CDP in 2018, to share the low carbon management of the company. ASE has increased resources reuse every year to reduce greenhouse gas and wastewater discharge and waste. The production of chemicals and the use of chemicals to improve ecological benefits and protect the environment are worth learning by Taiwanese companies; the finale is to invite a total reduction of 144,000 metric tons of carbon in 2018, which is shared by Zheng Zhiren, the leader of China Airlines, a leading global airline. In addition to its outstanding performance on the CDP questionnaire, China Aviation has been awarded the Climate Leadership Award of the TCSA Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award for five consecutive years. The performance is worthy of recognition and is a model for the global aviation industry.

Figure 4. Manager Zheng Zhiren of China Airlines Co., Ltd. shared China Airlines' greenhouse gas reduction and management.

The Taiwan Institute for Susainable Energy has jointly implemented the “Enterprise Perseverance Management License Training Course” with the National Taipei University Business School to promote high-quality corporate sustainability services, education, training and research. Since the beginning of the year, the TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award has included the talents of the company as a sustainable manager and obtained relevant licenses. It is listed as a reference project, which shows the importance of relevant talents to the company. The fifth-stage enterprise sustainability manager will accept the application from now on. In order to maintain the quality of the lectures, only 50 students will be enrolled in the weekday and holiday classes. For more details, please continue to pay attention to CCS official website ( and Facebook search: Center for Corporate Sustainability.