AU Optronics Corporation Holds CSR Partner Conference on Tandem Supply Chain. Chairman Chien was invited to speak on "The Opportunities and Challenges of a Sustainable Supply Chain"

In response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goal to strengthen global partnerships, AU Optronics Corporation(AUO) held the "CSR Development CSR Partner Conference" on April 17 (Wednesday). They invited 40 attendees and more than 100 suppliers to gather together, including Taiwanese company AU Optronics, a member of the Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS). They invited the Chairman of the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy, Ambassador Chien, to give a keynote speech on "Supply Chain Opportunities and Challenges". The speech pointed out that through the sharing of international regulations and trends, participants will be aware of various corporate sustainability and supplier management practices. AU Optronics Changchun Gu Xiuhua also shared the company's corporate sustainability strategy and CSR experience and results.

Figure 1. Chairman of AU Optronics Peng Shuanglang (first from right) and representatives of various suppliers who attended the conference.

In his speech, Ambassador Chien pointed out that enterprises face many external risks like policies and regulations, technological innovation, market changes, and reputation-affected investment. To maintain a long-term vision for the company, business leaders must achieve sustainable development jobs. He also introduced the connotation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the sustainable development trend of domestic and foreign enterprises to the participating suppliers. At the same time, he pointed out that corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility have become prominent in Taiwan, and this allows for an increase in responsible investment. The Paris Agreement will accelerate the pace of sustainable development of enterprises, and the brand manufacturers also actively promoting the development of SMEs towards sustainable development. Finally, he proposed his ideas on the future trends of the sustainable supply chain, and analyzed the trends of the future product supply chain development. The analysis of the driving product supply chain transformation, and the enforcement of the supervision of foreign regulatory agencies are incredibly important.

Figure 2. Ambassador Chien, Chairman of the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy, delivered a special speech to all participating suppliers.

In response to the risks of corporate operations caused by global climate change and the increasing concern of investment institutions for corporate sustainability, AUO has long been committed to energy conservation and carbon reduction. The event will reduce carbon emissions by purchasing local food, and reducing paper consumption. Measures to achieve carbon neutrality through the quantification of carbon emissions and carbon credits. In addition to sharing the long-term experience of AUO's achievements, the event also honored the outstanding suppliers of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) by awarding the AUO Outstanding Perpetual Partner Award. Through the joint initiative, we will promote a sustainable supply chain and work together towards the goal of environmental, social and economic growth.

Figure 3. The Chairman of the Taiwan Institute of Sustainable Energy, Dr. Chien (left), and AU Optronics representative, Changchun Gu Xiuhua.