CPC Corporation and CCS hold CSR training program to analyze core risk projects

CPC Corporation, Taiwan(CPC) and the Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) teamed up to hold second session "CSR Training Course." Everyone gathered at the Petroleum Building led by the deputy general manager, Huang Renhong, who presided over over the group. He invited senior executives from various departments to participate. The course lecture was given by CCS Enterprise Sustainability Advisory Committee and General Manager of BSI British Standards Association, Pu Shusheng. More than 40 senior executives attended the event and attended the event.

With the theme of “enterprise talent gap, core technology loss and overall risk," Mr. Pu first briefly shared the current status and trends of global risks. General Manager Pu pointed out that compared with Hong Kong, Taiwan's salary and tax rate caused low total income. A large number of talents have moved abroad, causing Taiwanese companies to be exposed to high risk of talent gaps and technology loss. However, this risk will increase if such risks cannot be considered as opportunities for talent development. General Manager Pu also pointed out that with the evolution of digital technology and AI, the demand for manpower has also changed. Finally, it is recommended that CNPC establish and implement a talent risk management mechanism, in which three key directions are emphasized for senior executives: plan for succession, workforce planning for the next three to five years, and motivate employees to promote retention. These programs can further transform risks into opportunities and enhance sustainability.

CCS holds a long-term commitment to enhance the sustainable development of enterprises, resource sharing, and increase educational outreach for corporate sustainability. They welcomed the member companies to the training course to learn about diagnostic consultation and all kinds of ESG practices courses. Following the 2018 annual "Global Forum on Sustainable Enterprise," the 2019 annual GCSF scheduled for Novermber 28th and 29th, is an event to look forward to, as we've now seen how much good this education can do. This international event will let the guests know about the international SDGs, CSR's excellent performance and business model, and let the world witness the best sustainable practices in all fields of Taiwan. For details of the event, please visit . We sincerely invite domestic and foreign companies, government agencies or institutions to sign up and participate in the promotion of corporate social responsibility and work together for a sustainable future.

Fig. 1 Deputy General Manager of Taiwanese Oil Company, Huang Renhong, presented a  gift to General Manager, Pu Shusheng.

Fig. 2 BSI British Standards Association Taiwan Branch General Manager, Pu Shusheng, speaking to the audience.