TAISE and CCS handle corporate training classes to cultivate talents in Far Eastern Department Store

Figure 1. A group of students and lecturers

Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), Taiwan Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) and Far East Department Store Co., Ltd. convened on April 24 at the Far East Department Store Training. The co-sponsored training is part of the “Enterprise Perseverance Elite Training Class”, with 55 corporate colleagues participating together to enhance the cultivation of sustainable talents through the evaluation of the curriculum and practical drills. 

The Secretary-General of the Taiwan Sustainable Development Research Center, Li Yuming, delivered a speech saying that more than 3,500 participants have participated in training class. In 2018, a total of 343 reviewers participated in the official evaluation. This event deals with a special class of enterprises, and we look forward to the selection of more enterprises to invest in the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award. Far East Department Store Co., Ltd. deputy manager and chief financial officer, Tang Zhiya, delivered the welcome speech, saying that the judgement of a company character can not only look at the EPS, but also evaluate the performance on the ESG, in order to more objectively see the pros and cons of a company.

Figure 2 (from left) Li Yuming (Distinguished Professor and Director), Tang Zhiya (Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer) and Chen Yaode (Senior Consultant Group) 

Senior Consultant Chen Yaode of the Enterprise Sustainabile Development Group of the School of Production, Learning and Breeding of Tokai University first explained the performance of the benchmark industry with the foreign department store industry as an example, and then analyzed the CSR report drafting process and precautions in the course, including how to implement the majority. He also analyzed how to formulate management policies and non-financial information disclosure projects and other practical content, and analyze industry trends and the quality of writing by analyzing domestic and foreign CSR report examples.

Li Yuming, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Institute of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of National Taipei University, analyzed the TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards and the assessment criteria based on the three criteria of integrity, credibility and communication. In order to enable more partners who are committed to sustainable development of the company to participate in the selection process, the organizers also set up special university classes. For details, please visit the official website: /about/summit/114  , welcome to sign up.

Figure 3: Enterprise Elite Training Course