2019 Climate Change Country Small and Medium Painting Competition

Co-directed by the Ministry of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Taipei Environmental Protection Bureau, the New North City Environmental Protection Bureau, the Tainan Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Kaohsiung Environmental Protection Bureau, the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation sponsored the "Output! The 9th Energy Detective-2019. There are 752 schools in 22 counties and cities in China, the United States, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. A total of 4,269 students have signed up and 3,206 students have submitted their applications. The rate is 75%, and there are 87 overseas students. It is obvious that this event was widely promoted by the schools, and the students also responded enthusiastically. The content of the composition of the award-winning paintings is highly complete and highly creative and has been highly recognized by the judges. 

Figure 1. Li Yuming Distinguished Professor (from left), Chairman Lin Manli, Executive Director Yang Ensheng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CTCI EF, Mr. Eugene Chien. Chairman of the Board of Directors Wu Longrong, Chairman of Ou Jiarui, Dean of Guo Bozhou and Professor Gu Yang

The selection activity was held on May 11th (Saturday) in the Shin Kong Skyscraper. The Executive Director of the Ark Ecological Art Co., Ltd. Yang Ensheng served as the judge of the jury, and invited the Chairman of the National Culture and Art Foundation Lin Manli and the Chairman of the Taiyang Art Association Wu Longrong, National Guo Bozhou, Dean of the School of Humanities and Arts, Taipei University of Education, Chairman of Ou Jiarui, Taiwan Oil Company Co., Ltd., Professor Gu Yang, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Professor Li Yuming, Distinguished Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, National Taipei University, served as judges. The 1,121 works selected for the final selection are professionally analyzed according to the perspectives of climate change, environmental protection and artistic creation, and are selected according to the subject matter, originality and picture

Figure 2, 2019 climate change painting competition with a total of 4,269 students enthusiastically registered.

Figure 3. The jury members conduct the county and city competitions.

The "2019 Climate Change Painting Contest" has been handled for the ninth session. To enable teachers, students and parents to think about energy conservation and carbon reduction through painting creation, this time, "Export! Energy Little Detective" is the theme of this painting. Incorporate the concept of environmental education that "everyone is a small energy detective" into the current situation and think more about cherishing energy and the use of earth resources. This year's works are highly relevant to the theme and are very original. They represent the current situation of abstract climate change and environmental destruction. The media is diverse and colorful, and the jury members are greatly appreciated.
This year, the first palce in national group of the elementary school team, Zhang Zining, a student from Zhuang Jing Elementary School in Taoyuan City, will enlarge the phenomenon of water shortage through a very creative composition. The first place in the national group of the middle school team is the Wu of Zhonghua middle school in Yilan County. Praying the classmates, with a very abstract composition, cleverly combines the waste of resources with the connotation of environmental protection, so they are unanimously favored by the judges.

Figure 4. The jury members focus on the national prize-winning works.

"2019 The 9th Climate Change National Small and Medium Painting Creation Competition" was co-organized by APP Asia Pulp and Paper, Everrich Foundation, and Shenghengchang Duty Free Shop, and was awarded the Taiwan Soka Association, Caterpillar Philosophy for Children Foundation, and Overseas Chinese Association. Sponsorships such as General Conference, Collection Magazine, Shin Kong Life, China Resources Science and Technology, Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation, CTCI Education Foundation and Bliss and Wisdom Foundation of Culture and Education. The winners will be announced on the website of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy ( on May 13 (Monday).