Fu Jen University's 75th CSR University Lecture Hall shares the diverse work characteristics of non-profit organizations and CSR talent cultivation.

To enable the University to understand Corporate Sustainability (CS) and sustainable development issues, the University of Science and Technology (CTCI Education Foundation), the Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Center (Center for Corporate Sustainability, CCS) and Fu Jen Catholic University's Department of Business Administration on May 8th, 2019 (Wednesday), jointly held the 75th CSR University Lecture Hall. This event invited the Center for Corporate Sustainability Deputy Secretary General Mr. Jackie Wang, Professor Yang Junqi (Head of the Department of Business Administration) and Professor Zhang Yuqing.

Under the title of “Diversity of Non-profit Organizations and CSR Talent Development and Prospects”, Deputy Secretary-General Wang opened the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2019 Global Risk Report to let the participants know the top ten most likely risks in the future.
Continue to change the world milestones in 2015 - the Paris Agreement and the United Sustainable Development Goals, further explain the meaning and importance of the four major goals of the Sustainable Development Goals, and take the CSR three missions ESG (Environment, Society and Governance- Environmental sustainability, social welfare and corporate governance). It also introduces the latest trends in the sustainable development of today's enterprises, and finally supplements Taiwan's outstanding corporate sustainability model with what is called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); A brief introduction to the development of CSR talents, Deputy Secretary-General Wang said that since the rise of sustainable experts in 2014, its professional background is related to public relations, marketing, business and communication, and the work content is all worthwhile, and it is also called for participants. During the school period, we can make full use of the school curriculum and participate in the inter-school courses, certification courses, CSR seminars, workshops and other activities to enrich our knowledge in the sustainable field and international standards and enhance our self-professional competitiveness.

In addition to the “CSR University Lecture Hall” with domestic universities, CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) and Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) are enrolling a number of CSR education, such as the “Corporate Social Responsibility Pilot Program”. Relevant activities, "2019 Youth Sustainable Leadership Camp", "2019 Explore Taiwan 120h - Perpetual Rhapsody" and "2019 Corporate Perseverance Elite Training Course" are warmly enrolled, and interested students are welcome to register. To participate, please check our CTCI EF website ( or CCS ( for upcoming events.

(From the left in the front row) Director Yang Junqi of Fu Jen University, Deputy Secretary-General of CCS Jackie Wang, Professor Zhang Yuqing with all the students.

Director Yang Junqi, Fu Jen University gave a certificate of appreciation