CSR Education Training Course. Sustainability knowledge goes deep into the high-level executives of Taiwan Glass Industry Co.,Ltd.

The Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) and Taiwan Glass Industry Co., Ltd. teamed up to host the "Taiwan Glass Co., Ltd. Education Training Course" on May 2nd at the Taiwan Glass Company Taoyuan Factory. 20 business executives participated together to convey the concept of CSR through the curriculum. This course invites Vice President Gu Yang of Taiwan Research Institute and Accountant Zeng Yu-jhe of Ernst & Young to give a speech. Deputy general manager of Taiwan Glass Industry Co.,Ltd, Mr. Hong You-cin, affirmed the importance of corporate sustainability and said that Taiwan Glass will continue to work towards sustainable development. 

Figure. Vice President Gu Yang of Taiwan Research Institute, Deputy General Manager Hong You-cin of Taiwan Glass Industry Corporation, and Taiwan Glass Corporation, Ernst & Young Co., Ltd. Zeng Yu-jhe and Taiwan Glass Company executives take a photo.

Vice President Gu Yang of the Taiwan Research Institute introduced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations with the theme of “The Trend of Enterprise Sustainable Development and the Case Analysis of Domestic and Foreign Standard Enterprises”, and analyzed the relationship with the Corporate stakeholders.  In his course, he emphasized that in addition to promoting short-term response measures, sustainable development should also strive to build a consensus on long-term vision and encourage Taiwanese glass executives to support sustainable development and innovation.

Accountants Zeng of Ernst & Young lectured “Corporate Persistence Governance, Carbon Strategy Management and Social Input”. Zeng said that in the past, Taiwan Glass Company has changed its financial performance to become a sustainable issue and integrated into the corporate culture today. It is impressive; the future goal is to create a better vision for society and contribute to the overall society.  In addition to encouraging active participation in social welfare, we should consider the combination with the industry to increase the sustainable value of the enterprise.  As global investors pay high attention to ESG performance and domestic corporate governance and corporate social responsibility requirements, corporate executives need to strengthen inspections to establish ESG-related policies and resource input efficiency.

Taiwan Glass participated in the "TCSA Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Award" for many years, and worked hard on the sustainable work of the company.  In order to enable more partners who are willing to invest in the company to participate in the TCSA Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Awards selection, the organizers also specially set up senior-age classes and university classes. For details, please visit the official website:, welcome to sign up.