The 74th CSR University Lecture Hall of Taichung University. Youle shared the innovation and success of the company.

In order to enable the University to understand Corporate Sustainability (CS) and sustainable development issues, the University of Science and Technology (CTCI Education Foundation), the Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Center (Center for Corporate Sustainability)  , CCS) and Taiwanese teachers met on May 7th, 2019 (Tuesday) for the 74th CSR University lecture hall held by the Taiwanese University Library School District classroom. This event invites Youle Land Sustainability Service Co., Ltd.  Mr. Zhang Jingwei, Director of Zhang Yushan and Director of CCS Zeng Youhui attended the lecture.

With the title of "Business Sustainability Innovation and Action", CEO Cai started the game with 10 sustainable small problems. The students learned the terminology related to perpetuality through a small game, and then let the participants know about the future world with a short film.  What may happen; the immediate follow-up through this film tells us about climate change and other issues that directly affect the company, and continues to talk about the two major events in 2015: the Paris Agreement and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Explain to the classmates what is meant by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CEO Chua talks to the students about the CSR's three core missions, ESG (Environment, Society and Governance).  It is very broad and more representative that corporate social responsibility in a global consensus. It appeals to the participants to learn more about relevant fields and integrate with the international community. Finally, they share many well-known CSR cases at home and abroad.  The whole course was very interactive with the students in a relaxed and lively way, and won the praise of the classmates!

In addition to the “CSR University Lecture Hall” with domestic universities, the China Development Education Foundation (CTCI EF) and the Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Training Center (CCS) are enrolling a number of CSR education, such as the “Corporate Social Responsibility Pilot Program”.  Relevant activities, "2019 Youth Sustainable Leadership Camp", "2019 Explore Taiwan 120h - Perpetual Rhapsody" and "2019 Corporate Perseverance Elite Training Class,” and interested students are welcome to sign up for the event.  Stay tuned for CTCI EF ( or CCS ( for the best event news.

Zeng Youhui, Senior Commissioner of CCS. Prof. Zhang Jinglian, Department of Science and Technology, Taiwan Normal University, CEO of Chengle Sustainability Services Co., Ltd., and Director Zhang Yushan, Department of Science and Technology, National Taiwan Normal University