Feng Chia University and CTCI EF, CCS co-organized the 73rd CSR University lecture hall to analyze global risk trends and discuss corporate social responsibility.

In order to enable university students to learn about Corporate Sustainability (CS) and sustainable development issues, the CTCI Education Foundation (CTCIEF) and Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) in conjunction with Feng Chia University on May 3, 2019 (Friday), the Master Class of Business School of the University of Hong Kong held the 73rd CSR University Lecture Hall, and invited the general manager of BSI British Standards Association Pu Shusheng as a lecturer, Fengjia University Cooperative Economy Mr. Wu Hao, the Head of the Department of Social Business Management, Professor Wang Hao, Professor Kang Shuzhen from the Department of Accounting and Senior Commissioner of CCS, Zeng Youhui to attend the lecture.

General Manager Pu first explained the current global situation to the participants at the beginning of the century-long science and technology leap forward and the world of science and technology change, and introduced the three major problems facing global risks: environmental risks, economic, social risks and technological risks. Participants shared the relationship between risk solutions and corporate social responsibility, and how companies responded to major global risks and formulated relevant sustainable development strategies to enhance the sustainable competitiveness of enterprises. At the end of the class, General Manager Pu encouraged the participants to understand the importance of corporate sustainability and corporate social responsibility. At the same time, they should accurately grasp the current trends and prepare for and face possible risks and opportunities.

In addition to the “CSR University Lecture Hall” with domestic universities, the CTCI Education Foundation (CTCI EF) and Center for Corporate Sustainability (CCS) are enrolled in a number of CSR education and training activities, such as “CSR Corporate Society”. "Responsible Pilot Project" and "2019 Corporate Perseverance Training Course", etc. In addition, activities related to "Sustainability Leadership Camp" and "2019 Exploring Taiwan 120h- Taiwan in my Eyes " which closes on May 13th and May 22nd, 2019, respectively are open to students and if interested everyone is welcome to sign up, and stay tuned for more events on the CTCI EF website ( or CCS (

CSR University lecture hall, the 73rd session of the University of Fengjia University BSI Pu Shusheng general manager.

(From the left in the front row) CCS Zeng Youhui, Senior Commissioner, BSI Pu Shusheng, General Manager of Fengjia University, Department of Cooperative Economics and Social Business Management, Director of the Department of Accounting, Professor Kang Shuzhen, Professor of Cooperative Economics and Social Business Management, Professor Wang Hao and colleagues (Group photo)