Corporate Sustainability Delegation visited government sustainability benchmark post – National Audit Office R.O.C

For enhancing exchanges of sustainable development issues among industry, government, and academia circles and learning from each other the experiences and development of sustainability benchmark companies, the National Audit Office (NAO),  Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals,  CTCI Education Foundation, and  Center for Corporate Sustainability jointly held 2019 Corporate Sustainability Delegation –  National Audit Office Activity at the National Audit Office R.O.C on Thursday, August 15. The delegation visited the benchmark government organization that has received international recognition -  the NAO, which attracted 19 experts from industry, government, and academia to take part in the event. 26 first level executives of the NAO were present and the EPA was led by Chief Secretary Jiunn-Horng Yeh and several department heads. In order to further implement promotion of education on sustainability development in the hope of facilitating practical exchanges between the academia and industries to integrate research momentum and practical needs. This opportunity to collaborate and promote is used to usher in sustainable development in Taiwan’s public sectors. Through the NAO’s sharing of experiences in changing government audits and dealing with SDGs, the attendees got an understanding of their efforts in environmental protection (E), social inclusion (S) and corporate governance (G).


The delegation was led by Chairman of Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals, Ambassador Eugene Chien along with representatives from industry, government, and academia to visit the NAO.  Auditor General Jui-Min Chen of the NAO expressed that the NAO has the mission to do its best to carry out the auditing duty, wield its control function, promote government integrity and efficiency to increase the people’s welfare with independence, integrity, professionalism, and innovation as its core values. They have been working hard to merge CSR into operating strategies and actively work to get in line with international trends. The NAO is quite insightful and forward-looking as it puts ESG-related issues in its sustainability audit operations and policy-making process.


As a member of the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals, the NAO is the most powerful central government level organization to promote sustainable development through performance auditing to help the government to elevate efficiency and implement sustainable development.  The Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals is actively building a bridge to exchanges among industry, government, and academia with the hope that through learning from each other and growing together to create Taiwan’s sustainable development.