Canadian Parliamentarians Visit the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy to Discuss Energy Sustainability

(Back row, center) Ambassador Eugene Chien, (back row) Canadian representatives Mr. Jim Eglinski, Mr. Kelly McCaulley, Mr. John Brassard, and Mr. Pat Kelly

     Mr. John Brassard, from the Canadian House of Representatives, led a group of members from the conservative party, Mr. Pat Kelly, Mr. Kelly McCauley, and Mr. Jim Eglinski. Accompanied by Secretary Cheng Yuanxin of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Canada, the delegation visited the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy in order to learn about sustainable development in Taiwan and the success of Taiwan’s environmental management. The Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy Ambassador Eugene Chien personally received the delegation and shared the development of renewable energy, environmental protection, and sustainable development in recent years. The discussion and exchange were carried out enthusiastically and future results for Taiwan’s sustainability seem successful. 

     Ambassador Chien introduced the foundation’s effectiveness in environmental and sustainable development education. He continued sharing the achievements of Taiwan’s environmental protection practices such as waste reduction, resource recycling and reuse technologies, convenient public transport services, and shared bicycle services. Ambassador Chien proceeded to give an overview of Taiwan’s new energy policy for 2025 as well as the results of the Global Corporate Sustainability Forum (GCSF) which demonstrated how Taiwanese companies as attaching importance to sustainable development.

     The members of the Canadian delegation expressed their views on the current situation and policy direction of Taiwan’s energy sources. They touched on various issues such as waste management, smart transportation, and energy transformation. Mr. John Brassard head of the Canadian delegation thanked Ambassador Chien after the meeting.

Ambassador Chien introduces Taiwan’s achievements in sustainable development

Canadian Congressman Mr. Kelly McCauley presents a gift to Ambassador Chien