Ambassador Eugene Chien Invited to National Audit Office to Share the Ideals and Practices of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Ambassador Eugene Chien (second from left) Auditor-General Lin Qinglong (second from right), Deputy Auditor-General Wang Lizhen (first from left) and Director Lin Rongguo (first from right)

     The Chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, Ambassador Eugene Chien, delivered a speech on the “Ideals and Performance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals” at the Taiwan National Audit Office. Nearly 100 auditors attended the lecture and 28 audit departments from across Taiwan joined the lecture through the internet.

Nearly 100 auditors attended the course

     In his speech, Ambassador Chien stated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) evolved from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set in 2000. The strengthening and complementation of MDGs was poorly defined. Furthermore, they lacked a link to present day, climate change issues.  At the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in 2015, 193 UN member states agreed to set a 2030 sustainable development agenda with 17 goals, 169 targets, and 232 indicators, detailed for 15 years. These long-term goals were set in hopes that countries can work together to create a sustainable vision. Among them, “SDG 13: Climate Action” is the most important topic of urgent concern, followed by education and reducing inequality. Only cooperation between industry, government, and research institutions can ensure positive change.

Ambassador Eugene Chien lecturing on the “Ideals and Practices of Sustainable Development Goals”

     Ambassador Chien, commented that the practice of SDGs is a responsibility that enterprises, governments, and society need to perform together. The importance of enterprises has increased exponentially in recent years. The injection of large amounts of funds into corporations will accelerate the process of achieving sustainable development goals. Companies can also build long-term value in markets by investing in sustainable operations, strengthening customer loyalty, and deploying large market opportunities with $12 trillion in advance. Internationally renowned brands have promised to increase their value chain through sustainability. Apple for example, will produce 4GW of clean energy in 2020, Google on the other hand already runs fully on renewable energy. In addition, governments should be the leaders in attaining sustainable development goals. They must take into account governance, environmental protection, and social integration to achieve this successfully. Ambassador Eugene Chien created the Alliance for Sustainable Development Goals (ASDGs) in 2018. 11 government agencies, 12 universities, 44 corporations, 5 think tank research institutions, and 11 NGO have joined. Everyone in Taiwan should work together to achieve sustainability, earn core competitiveness, aid the interactions of industry, government, and research institutions to build a platform for information and resource exchange.