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Yongxing Village (永興里), Nantou City, Nantou County Date:2013-11-05
Embracing mountains and forests and listening to Nature and people singing together

According to a famous Chinese novel, Mount Hua is the place to see who has the best kung-fu and Mount Heng is the place to see whose eagle is the best. This implies that lush mountain forests are the best supply stations for birds in the genus Accipitridae with their rich ecological features. The Bagua Plateau happens to be the place for eagles to compete with each other. The rich red soil has not only given birth to many kinds of crops, but also gives residents here a strong feeling for their hometown and which in turn make them passionate about their community affairs. Let's take a look of how the old enemies of birds, the human beings, get motivated by Nature and become the present-day ecological protection sentries and mainstays taking part in community affairs.
     Yongxing Borough, located at the peak of Mount Bagua is called Mount Heng colloquially. As the plateau intersects with mountains and forests that straddles high and low altitudes, the special geographical environment provides an ecosphere with abundance and diversity. The three drastically different geographical scenes of original forests, agricultural lands and the community interweave to compose the unique scenery in Yongxing Borough.
Mount Heng station – the place where eagles take a test and showcase themselves
     From March to April of each year the birds commonly known in Taiwan as “national day birds” gray-faced buzzard eagles would come back from the north and choose to stay at Yongxing Borough as the rest station to revive themselves. The once-a-year event of birdwatching here would always attract many tourists to see the beautiful postures of those national day birds. When it's a fine day, you can see convocations of gray-faced buzzard eagles flying and hovering in the sky. When the night comes, they would come down to rest and forage in the forest of the Bagua Range. In the next morning when they meet with updrafts, these national day birds will “eagle rise” and hover above as a group to form a “column of eagles” and then migrate northward together. This is definitely a spectacular scene.
Dedicated to ecological environmental protection and the close-knit feelings in the community are totally different from the old days
     There is also a group of volunteer docents in the community dedicated to ecological education. When talking about why this group of volunteers would engage in ecological education, Borough Chief Mr. Qiu said that about 20 to 30 years ago, a few energetic young people set up some snares to catch pigeons. But those snares in the forests would more or less catch other kinds of birds. As time went by, they started to have more understanding of various birds and their habits. Later as their knowledge of conservation grew, they began to become excellent ecological docents one by one and dedicate themselves to environmental watch and the result is that the bad habit of catching pigeons is not longer seen.
     The change from bird catchers to the present-day thorough understanding of various birds, those docents disseminate the seeds of ecological education and explore in-depth the whereabouts of the beautiful birds in Mount Bagua. They even set up a community watch to clamp down on illegal pigeon catching. This group of volunteer ecological docents are aged from 30 to 60 and are also the mainstays of the community as they dedicate themselves wholly to community affairs. Meanwhile, under the common watch of the residents, Yongxing Borough has transformed into a friendly habitat that birds can rest safely.
     Yongxing Borough positions itself as an ecological community and work towards the goal of providing ecotourism to the public. Their efforts have also attracted many tourists and groups due to the good name. Even though they don't have too mant sources of budget and cannot have too many novel expansions and replacement of old facilities, Yongxing Borough specifically places emphasis on the intangible side – training talent in the community and the hope to run the community better and refine the community all the time. If you take a stroll along the trails, you will sense a flavor of green grass and soil in the air. Let's experience the embracing of nature again and listen to the heart-touching music composed by the chirping of birds and worms to forget the hassles of the mundane world. 

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